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'Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Cirencester Home?'

26 November 2022

'is Now A Good Time To Buy A Cirencester Home?'

This is the question many people are asking right now, and the answer depends on your circumstances. I pride myself on my ability to provide objective, fact-based information on the...

Cirencester Landlords & Homeowners - The Autumn Budget

17 November 2022

Cirencester Landlords & Homeowners - The Autumn Budget

The   Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, gave his Autumn Budget 2022 at lunchtime, intending to deal with inflation and keep mortgage rates down for homeowners. In this short and sharp post, I...

What will Rishi Sunak as PM mean  for Cirencester house prices?

7 November 2022

What Will Rishi Sunak As Pm Mean For Cirencester House Prices?

I often get asked what is going to happen to Cirencester house prices. Many things affect house prices, and it comes down to simple supply and demand. On the supply side of the equation, in...

15 October 2022

Cirencester Landlords: Will Cirencester Buy-To-Let Continue To Be Profitable In The Next Few Years?

Cirencester Landlords: Will Cirencester buy-to-let continue to be profitable in the next few years? Being a Cirencester landlord is undoubtedly a challenge. The glory years of making...

6 October 2022

Waiting For The Cirencester House Market To Crash Will Cost You £46,729

Doom and gloom in the British property market or clickbait doom-mongers? Newspapers and clickbait 24-7 news websites, desperate for clicks, are peddling a story of a doomsday time for the...

2 October 2022

Cirencester Property Market What Will The Stamp Duty Cuts & Interest Rate Rises Mean For Cirencester Homeowners & Landlords?

Last week   the Bank of England increased interest rates to 2.25% and they are expected to be 3.25% by early next year. This increase will make the monthly mortgage payments more expensive...

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