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23 September 2022

Stamp Duty Cut To Save Cirencester Homebuyers Upto £2,500

  The Chancellor has announced this morning a cut to the Stamp Duty tax in England and Northern Ireland.  Stamp Duty is paid by the buyer of any property and can cost thousands of...

21 September 2022

Cirencester Oaps Are Getting Jobs And Downsizing Properties To Beat The Cost-Of-Living Crisis.

  Cirencester OAP retirees have to make tough choices with the onset of the cost-of-living crisis. Growing inflation, unpredictable financial markets and the high cost of living mean...

31 August 2022

Why Aren’T Liz And Rishi Courting Cirencester’S Generation Rent?

Why Aren’t Liz and Rishi Courting Cirencester’s Generation Rent? With the cost-of-living crisis beginning to hit, the 20 and 30-somethings of Cirencester urgently need the help...

25 July 2022

Cirencester Property Prices Have Risen By 406% Since 1995

Cirencester Property Prices Have Risen by 406% Since 1995   “Tell me what is happening to the Cirencester property market”, asked the friend of a friend at a recent do I...

1 July 2022

54.9% Of Cirencester Properties Were Bought With A Mortgage In The Last Ten Years

Could the high levels of mortgages that Cirencester people take out cause another property crash? Many Cirencester homeowners and landlords have been contacting me recently and asking what will...

23 June 2022

26.3% Of Cirencester Property Sellers Reduce Their Asking Prices As The Property Market Starts To Return To Equilibrium

72 of the 274 properties on the market in the Cirencester area have had a price reduction in the last 3 months. The average reduction has been 7.7% of the original asking price. This is...

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