The General

Jackson , The General

Jackson was born on the 2nd May 2020, a Covid Pup who during lockdown worked at home with his owner, our Director Liz.
Once life started returning to normal, Jackson found the world terrifying and we had to introduce him to all new things slowly, especially guests visiting the house and wooden floors!
He’s very rarely far from his owner as he does get a little anxious but with lots of love, patience and time he has adjusted well to life as it is today and now loves visiting the office and seeing the team.
Who all take it in turns to take him out for several walks during the day along with a regular dog walker who pops in whenever Jackson is in the office to take him out for an hour of fun and adventure with other dogs.
If you find Jackson in the office you will be greeted with a wagging tail.

Job Title: The General

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